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Biting Back

Our Cultural Resilience


This exhibit shares the story of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island and the world. A journey through time, beginning with pre-contact, to colonialism and into the future. The art display sheds light on issues that have left deep generational wounds on First Nations homes and native lands. It's a story about survival of tradition, resilience, and hope.

Original Birch Bark Bitings.jpeg


Utilizing contemporary technologies, such as laser etching and digital print, the exhibit transposes bitings from Half Moons' permanent collection onto traditional materials such as hide, bone, wood and copper. Accented with beads, fur and other materials the exhibit is a fully embodied presentation featuring head to toe looks. The contemporary pieces and fashion designs are displayed alongside the collection.


The exhibit of artwork is an example of how we might utilize modern systems to benefit both ourselves and our wider community, particularly those most marginalized. It's to celebrate and share the practice of birch bark biting, pass on traditional knowledge and reignite interest and appreciation for the sacred art form.


What People are Saying

"Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and knowledge about this wonderful and important history."
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