Pat Bruderer - Halfmoon is available to do a workshop at your school or event. Teaching is via a power point presentation, and can include a hands on demonstration, where participants get to try birch bark biting themselves! 


Birch Bark Bitings are a great educational tool for teaching culture in your curriculum. Grade levels 3-12 seem to benefit and learn from these teachings, generally in a social studies, Indigenous studies, and even math. Birch Bark Biting has been linked to the math via the connection to the spatial mode in your brain. Please visit this link for more information on spatial reasoning and to see Halfmoon's artwork referenced. 


Demonstrations at museums and art shows are very popular, and create interest from all age levels, adults included. 

During Covid 19 I am able to do workshops via Zoom. A kit will be sent to you containing all of the materials you need.


Please visit our                      page to request more info. 



Photo by: Cottage Living Magazine