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Half Moon Woman Releases NFT Collection

Apr 27, 2022

Half Moon’s first NFT collection includes two Burnt Originals...

Half Moon Woman (Pat Bruderer) is a Cree Indigenous master creator in the art form called Birch Bark Biting and she has just released onto the OpenSea platform a collection that is the first of its kind.  

A birch bark biting is a unique piece of Indigenous artwork. They are made from biting an image, using only the teeth, into a thin, single layer of birch bark harvested from the birch tree. Then, by carefully folding the bark, the pattern imagined is pressed into the birch bark, using only the teeth. Historically, this art form was used to create beadwork patterns, to tell stories, and were used in ceremonies.

“I’ve always looked for new ways to share my work to ensure that the art form is never forgotten. As a cultural carrier it’s very important to me. That’s why I teach hundreds of kids per year in schools, teach my own family members, and work to distribute my art in a variety of ways, from originals and prints, on fabric, in an upcoming children’s book and now NFT’s,” says Half Moon Woman. 

Half Moon’s first NFT collection includes two Burnt Originals where the pieces were set fire to along with cedar and sweet grass, traditional Indigenous medicines. The collection was released on April 27th and the auction closes on May 6th. 

Half Moon Woman (Pat Bruderer) is one of the few knowledge keepers and expert practitioners of this early Indigenous art form. She was born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and is a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. Pat's work can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections around the world. 

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